Friday, 24 July 2009

Trading Shoes

It's funny how in one week i can become someone else, for 7 days i pursued the life of a different person, became someone who was relied upon, rewarded and proud. I guess thats the point of work experience to discover the disappointments that follow the expectations, but i didn't find these, i guess i could say i found something worthwhile, something i enjoyed, something worth noting. I don't have any expectations that way what life hands you can be percieved from a clearer perspective, i know that once i have passed the exams - the expectations of others, i will travel, find freedom - a meaning amongst this madness! Is it so crazy to need longer than seventeen years to discover who you are and want to be? Sat here, in this moment i want to discover the world i hope to live and thrive in maybe just to see segments of this place will show me, prove to me that what i want to do is not so distant but just waiting in the cavaties of my mind to be found - followRose X